Our Inspiration

My husband and I married in 2001 and had our son in 2005. We purchased some land in 2013 and built our dream home on it in 2014. For our first Christmas in our new home, I wanted a real Christmas tree and I wanted a BIG one! So we donated our 13 year old pre-lit artificial tree and set out to find the perfect real tree. We visited a tree farm in town and we (my husband) got to cut it down ourselves (himself)! From the moment I stepped foot on that farm and got a whiff of that mesmerizing pine fragrance, memories from my childhood Christmases came flooding back! I fell in love with Christmas all over again!

Walking around that tree farm, watching the family working the farm and the other families searching for their perfect tree, I had this insane thought: we could do this. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a ‘this looks so easy, I bet we could do this’ thought. I kept it to myself because it was such a random thought--something I had never considered before. So I let it go; didn't even mention it to Jesse. On our way home, about two minutes into the drive, Jesse looked at me and said, “We could do that.” I couldn't believe it. "I THOUGHT THE SAME THING", I blurted out. That was Thanksgiving weekend of 2014 and in January of 2015 we were attending our first horticulture conference with other Christmas Tree farmers and were official members of the Oklahoma Christmas Tree Association. 12 hours after that my husband was a board member.

So here we are! Our vision for this farm is to create memories and traditions for families to pass down from generation to generation. We are so blessed and so excited to be a part of your Christmas tradition and we can’t wait to meet you!

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