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Fraser Fir

Fraser fir Christmas trees are the perfect option for those looking to get the biggest and best out of their tree. It’s one of the strongest and long lasting options out there, making it ideal for décor-lovers who have endless amounts of ornaments to fill the branches with. The branches angle slightly upwards, giving the tree a perky, cheery look that’s sure to impress. These trees lack the strong fir smell some people look for in a tree, but make up for it with thick, strong branches and a fullness that’s hard to find anywhere else. They’re easily available and fit well with any décor.

Fraser Fir Key Benefits

A bluish-green look with silvery underside
Classic shape, symmetry and density
Strong branches are great for large ornaments
Superior needle retention
Medium long-lasting fragrance level

Available in sizes from 5 feet to 13 feet

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