Friends of the Farm

We really want to thank the companies and friends that have teamed up with us to bring the Spirit of Christmas to Norman and the metro area. We have some amazing friends, some of who wish to remain anonymous, who through their generosity have allowed us to grow this farm faster than we could have ever done by ourselves. Being a new business is tough and the people that have put their trust in us through their generous gifts or mutual partnerships have set us up on a path that we believe cannot help but be successful. We started this farm as a means of serving our God. We pray that He continues to bless this place and all those companies and friends that have helped make it what it is.

We would highly recommend that if you have a choice on who you are going to do business with, you would choose these fine places. 

Audrey's Tacos & Co.
Camper's Coffee
Chisholm Creek
Firehouse Subs
Hollywood Corners
McGregor Ranch
Midway Deli
The Pickup Shop
Roadrunner Bedliners
Sportstalk Media
Sublime Signs
Village Veterinary Care
Yellow Dog Coffee

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