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Canaan Fir

Canaan Firs are closely related to Balsam Firs. They look much the same in some aspects but are bigger, heartier, and stronger than their Balsam counterparts. In this way, it’s much like a hearty Fraser fir, effectively making this tree a hybrid of the two other options. Unlike the other two, though, this tree is relatively new to the Christmas tree market, making it difficult to find in some areas. Feature an ideal combination of both Balsam and Fraser firs. Canaan firs are the best of both worlds. They have the heartiness and branch-strength of a Fraser, but the conical shape and rich green needles of a Balsam. However, their smell is milder, and in most areas, these trees will be more difficult to find than both other options.

Canaan Fir Key Benefits

Have bright, rich green needles
Beautiful shape
Strong branches
Medium fragrance level

Available in limited quantity 8 feet tall

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