Who We Are

Jesse and Katy Wells
We are the Wells family, Jesse, Katy & Luke. My wife and I started this farm with the vision of creating a place for your family to come to and have a memorable Christmas experience, that will continue on year after year. Our first few years have been nothing short of miraculous. We had no idea how much love and support we would receive from our community. The love you guys give drives us to continue to improve upon what we have started here in Norman, OK. This is a place we love so much, this is our home. From our first seedlings being planted, to our movie nights, and inaugural Christmas Market, we have continued to be blessed by your support. It is amazing what love, passion and hard work can make happen in a relatively short time. Thank you for being a part of our dream. The great thing about how far we have come is the fact that we have only just begun.

We have also had the great fortune of being surrounded with the best people in the world. We want to thank all of our friends that have volunteered to help keep this dream going.

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